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Join us in Chinatown on Wednesday night.


Tomorrow night at the Grand Star Jazz Club in Chinatown, the one and only Kristina Wong

Writ Large Press | DTLAB presents:

Kristina Wong in Notes-in-Process: THE WONG STREET JOURNAL

As part of the yearlong development process of her new solo work, “The Wong Street Journal,” Kristina Wong is doing a performance/lecture of work-in-progress research at the Grand Star Jazz Club in Chinatown.

Wong spent five weeks in Gulu, Uganda in research and exploration (and made a rap album in the process!) and is back to tell a mix of personal stories and real facts about microeconomics and life for women in developing nations.

Known for her trademark wit and explorations of intense social issues in accessible, moving and hilarious ways, this evening will take us through Kristina’s creative process as she presents notes and footage from her recent field research with the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund, an organization that develops programs to reduce poverty and the marginalization of women in Gulu, Uganda.

This is an opportunity to share in her creative process towards an ambitious new solo work that will premiere in 2015 at the Flynn Center in Burlington, VT.

Admission: $5-20. Pay what you will. Everyone gets a copy of Kristina’s rap album “Mzungu Price.”

All money at the door will go towards the creation of Nerio Badman’s music studio in Gulu, Uganda.